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Circuit Board Basket

The hardware of contemporary technological devices are intentionally designed inaccessible. And our relation with these devices resembles a rather linear direction - we buy a mass produced device and throw it away once it does not fulfil our expectations anymore. Both of these factors represent our neglect for the complex production processes and invested resources.
Considering the impact the technology production industries have on the environment, a single circuit board is of incredible value once one starts trying to make up for the tremendous input of mineral and energy resources. Instead our lack of agency and interest led to the devastating effects of e-waste in the so called ‚Global South‘.

Since quite some time I am inspired by the visual qualities and beauty of elements resulting from engineering practices and mass production of electronic devices. First of all the extraction of electronic components disenchants some of the magic and inscrutability of modern ‚Black Box‘ devices - in this case the circuit board. Second of all we are in desperate need of new ways of re-using, re-purposing and re-mining the precious resources and elements of technological devices.

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