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Elements of Four Cables

Cables make up only a small part of our electronic devices, yet despite the banal function of transmitting electronic signals, one can see an increasing complexity in their construction. More and more materials and compositions occur in these constructions, which make separability almost impossible and unprofitable. It is no longer uncommon for a cable to consist of 15 or more layers – with a diameter of 6mm or even less.

This multitude of layers has fascinated me for a long time, especially the spectacular spectrum of colours and materials. The cable as such is a symbol for the transmission of volatile electronic signals, not tangible, not to be stored. Therefore, I made a basket out of the elements of only 4 cables – the basket as object to keep something tangible. I re-worked the various elements as organically and intuitively as possible – in contrast to the uniform industrial construction of the original form. Artisanal methods such as braiding, weaving, crochet and embroidery came into use.

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