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The recycling of textiles is a very challenging task, as the shredding of fibre blends often results in too short fibres that cannot be re-spun. Moving blankets are one of the few examples where 100% mixed textile waste is processed into a non-woven fabric.


As a basis for the Packjacke, very high quality moving blankets from a family business in Germany are used. This textile is very soft, washable and feels comfortable on the skin. I designed the Packjacke especially for the characteristics of the moving blanket in cooperation with the upcycling fashion label (Made Out Of Trash) in Berlin. The pocket bags are made of old bed linen and give each pack jacket a unique character.

The Packjacke is the second result of a research, which started with the Packmantel.

Cooperation, 2021

Find the Packjacke in the MOOT Concept Store (Berlin Ostbahnhof), or order via Email!

Read more about the cooperation

here (in German).

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