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Factum Mortalitatis

Mortality is one of the taboo topics of contemporary life. However, the project does not use the term to refer to death, but to the process of life - an inevitable ongoing process of change. The project tries to create a new approach to the topic through the human-object relationship.  Behind this is the conviction that a conscious confrontation with one's own mortality leads to humbleness, which is the basic requirement for solving the complex social, ecological and political problems of contemporary times.

Bachelor Graduation Project, 2018

With Lara Weller

Product Design (BA)

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd


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The media and the advertising industry promote many products and services that are supposed to cure the symptoms of modern life. These symptoms are nothing new, but the seriousness and their causes are. Thus insomnia, obesity, anxiety disorders, depression, lung and colon cancer and many more are among the diseases of the modern affluent society. Shouldn't we treat the causes rather than the symptoms?

Since the beginning of mankind, we have used the healing powers of nature to alleviate disease. With modern scientific methods, processes are possible which have been discussed as questionable for a long time - for example genome editing. To what extend, price and ethical issues are we breeding living beings to produce a certain substance?

In this project, biomimicry was not used as a scientific method, but rather as a design tool. The resulting plants are chimaeras from existing plant parts with a result similar to the mythical creatures like the Wolpertinger or Jackalope. The names of the fantastic healing plants are composed of botanical names of plants and the medical terms of the diseases which they are supposed to heal.

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