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Nature and technology. They are often understood as opposites. In their works, Jan-Micha Gamer and Lucas Mateluna show how these two worlds are intertwined and how humans both shape them but also depend on them. The works resulting from the cooperation of the two artists illustrate intersections of physical, ethereal and virtual things. Connections of organic matter, 3D scans, electronic waste, augmented reality and landscapes created by artificial intelligence show the intersections of nature and technology in multi-layered representations. The works of the two artists remind us both of the vapidity of our understanding of the highly interconnected network of technology and nature, and how much more significant connections are over separation. Especially in the context of the current urgency of environmental issues, the works present a conciliatory image of the connections and interconnections that so heavily shape our lives on this planet.

19.10.2022 - 25.10.2022

Galerie Grolman

Grolmanstr. 51
10623 Berlin

Berlin Charlottenburg


Soft Opening: 19.10.2022, 7pm

Soiree with Performance: 22.10.2022, 6pm with performances by Ginevra Petrozzi and live music by Auno.

Poster Entwurf.jpg

Borrowed Nature

Mit Borrowed Nature präsentiert Jan-Micha Gamer Collectible Design Objekte, die aus seiner intensiven Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema Müll und Wertbewusstsein entstanden sind. Er beleuchtet dabei insbesondere die Bedeutung des gemeinsamen Ursprungs aller materiellen Dinge. Seine Werke zeigen auf, dass Natur und Technologie in eine Symbiose treten können als auch müssen, und verorten sich an der Schnittstelle zwischen Skulptur und Nutzgegenstand. Die Objekte laden zur Interaktion ein und ermöglichen so eine intime Auseinandersetzung.

Anmeldung zur Vernissage: hier

Tribute to the Craftocene

We thought that technology is the antithesis of nature, but technology actually comes out of nature. Everything we see in technology is a representation of nature. Think about all the nature inspired names in technology – cloud, web, bug, stream, root, …
Visualising this connection in the physical world is the core of the works I am presenting in this group show at Yksi Expo Eindhoven.
My objects are a celebration of transformation, origin, craft and locality.

The Exhibition is on show until end of August 2022.

Yksi Winkel Expo

Torenallee 22-04

5617 BD Eindhoven

The Netherlands

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