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Earth Tree [Weltenbaum]

The Earth Tree is a symbol that can be found in many different mythologies and religions. It is the tree that connects heaven and the underworld with all forms of creation. This tree is the symbol for the connection of everything on this planet. It is center of everything.

This lamp is a representation of a branch from the World Tree – as every tree is descendant from it. It connects everything being part of the mythology of 3 and 7. Sun, moon, stars and the 7 planets. The 7 alchemic elements and the 3 main absolute forces place, time, space.

The lenses are on one hand plant-like creatures growing towards the light, on the other hand they are symbol for different viewpoints – zoom in or out, see a shadow or distorted light, a prism on the wall.

The lamp is a reminder, that everything is connected on multiple layers. The more humans see this connection, the better we can deal with the consequences of our actions.

Branch, sculpted light bulbs, sockets, camera lenses, copper wire, soldering tin, hard drive case, cable, plug.

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