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Charity Bag

Waste No More – Shopper Bags

Unfortunately, misproductions are much more common in many industries than most people realise. This misproduction involved about 100 incorrectly printed piping banners. In this case, however, the company took action and together we developed a great product - the Charity Bag. At the request of Designplus, I developed a zero waste cut for the bag from the banners and together we developed the production process and marketing.

With the cut, it was important to me that the printed colour gradient playfully creates as many different colour combinations of the 300 bags as possible. It should also be quick and easy to produce. There is plenty of room in the bag and the wide handle makes them very comfortable to wear. The functional textile is extremely durable and water-repellent.

Printed Textile by Wissinger GmbH

Production of Bags by CARITAS Lederschmiede Stuttgart

Commission, 2022


The Charity Bag is being sold by Designplus on request or at Cafe NATAN in Stuttgart. 

All proceeds are donated to STELP Supporter On Site.


Pictures ©Designplus

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